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How to Prevent a Break-In At Your Home

Did you know that a residential break-in happens every 90 seconds in Canada?


While this statistic may sound alarming, you aren't completely defenceless when it comes to break-ins. However, it takes more than just leaving your TV running and installing an alarm system to deter criminals. 


In fact, with only a few tweaks to your normal routines and home design, you can protect yourself from a break-in. But how exactly do you go about defending your home against a home burglary?


We're here to fill you in. Keep reading below to learn about the techniques and systems to prevent your home from getting robbed.


Install Door Reinforcements


Did you know that many burglars simply walk in through unlocked front doors? However, even if a door is locked, burglars can often kick their way in or use a crowbar. If you want to prevent your door from being forced open, interlocking and flat latch protectors will reinforce your door and prevent it from being pried open.


Store Valuables Out of Sight


If you want to keep your prized valuables from turning into stolen possessions, keep them out of view from passersby. That means keeping them far from windows—especially ground floor windows—and storing any truly valuable objects in a locked safe.


Keep Your Lawn Tidy


Even if you have a video-monitored alarm system, unruly shrubbery can create blindspots. Be sure to prune regularly to keep your home as visible as possible.


The brushier the lawn, the easier it is for a burglar to successfully rob a home. Overgrown trees and hedges are convenient hiding areas for burglars.


Utilize a Keyless Entry System


Burglars are all too familiar with the spare-key-under-the-mat trick. Instead of worrying about losing your keys somewhere or hiding a spare, install a keyless entry system to keep your home safe.


There are a variety of keyless entry systems to choose from. A push-button electronic lock, for example, requires you to enter a code to access your home. The code can be changed at any time, saving you the hassle of having to manually install a new traditional lock every time you feel unsafe. 


Don't Broadcast Your Schedule


Let's face it—it's fun to share vacation updates on social media. Unfortunately, if a burglar sees you're out of town, you'll become a prime target.


Instead of posting about your activities in real-time, recap your adventures when you're back at home. At the very least, private your social media accounts so it's only your close friends and family.


Protect Yourself from a Break-In


Unfortunately, even the cleverest homeowners can fall prey to a break-in. However, with the guide above, you'll be able to easily boost your home security measures and prevent possible break-ins. 


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