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Did you lose the key to your office? Or did your family shift to another residence? Ensuring the security of your loved ones and belongings is essential in any such circumstances. However, while you will feel the need to change locks, we are here to tell you that there is an easier way! Let Lock & Door Works rekey the locks for your property and help you save money while being secure.

Rekeying door locks is as efficient as changing locks while being comparatively cheaper. You can also go for our rekey services as an occasional practice to keep your property in Edmonton more secure than ever. Get peace of mind from all unwarranted intrusions; get your locks rekeyed by our professionals today. Call us now for an estimate!



Yes, rekeying your locks differs from entirely changing them! When you get your locks changed, a professional will replace the existing ones with new ones. For instance, you could upgrade your traditional lock system to one that works electrically or in a different colour to match your property’s design.

However, rekeying a lock involves the replacement of the lock’s unique internal pins, eliminating the need for completely replacing the entire door lock. By replacing these pins, the previous keys that operated the lock become ineffective. Opting for a rekeying process is often more economical than completely replacing the door hardware. It proves to be the ideal solution when you are satisfied with your current door knob and seek a cost-effective approach to enhance security. By choosing to rekey your hardware, you can effortlessly ensure the safety and protection of your home and workplace.

When looking for rekey services in Edmonton, Lock & Door Works is a comprehensive locksmith shop to provide all your needs. Whether it's rekeying residential or commercial properties, vehicle doors, or even vaults and safes, their professional team is well-equipped to meet your needs.


Here are a few reasons why we favour rekeying your door locks instead of changing them:

  • Quick fixes: Rekeying offers a prompt and efficient solution to security concerns. Instead of waiting for a complete lock replacement, rekeying can be done promptly, ensuring your property remains secure without unnecessary delays.
  • Cost-effective: Rekeying is often more affordable than replacing the entire lock system. By rekeying, you can retain your existing door hardware and only modify the internal pins, saving you money on purchasing new locks.

  • Maintained property aesthetics: Rekeying allows you to keep the visual appeal of your property. Since it does not involve replacing the entire lock, the exterior appearance of your door hardware remains intact, preserving the overall aesthetic of your home or workplace.

  • The master key option: Rekeying allows the implementation of a master key system. With this option, you can have a single key that can access multiple locks, providing convenience and simplified access control.

  • Customized lock system: Rekeying enables you to customize your lock system according to your specific security needs. You can opt for the level of security you desire by adjusting the internal pins, ensuring your property is adequately protected.

  • Frequent changes: Rekeying offers flexibility, especially when you need to change access to your property frequently. You can use this feature occasionally to keep the security full-proof.

If you want to learn more about rekey and other security solutions we offer in Edmonton, please read our blogs to learn what suits your needs the best!


With our professional rekey services in Edmonton, you enjoy various benefits, such as:

  • Save money and time: Trusting professionals for rekeying saves you from costly mistakes and ensures efficient completion, saving both your money and time.
  • Professionalism: Skilled locksmiths bring expertise, precision, and industry knowledge to guarantee a seamless rekeying process with superior results.

  • Enhanced security: Professionals provide advanced security solutions that meet your needs, give you peace of mind, and safeguard your property effectively.

Prevention Key


Don't compromise on safety – choose the cost-effective and efficient option of rekeying your locks.

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