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Burglar trying to break into an office

Have you ever left the office and wondered "Did I remember to lock the door?" Everyone has worried about protecting their workspace from burglars, but what if you didn't have to?

Burglary prevention is possible with the right security system and knowing which blindspots to protect. Continue reading for some security tips so you can stop leaving your office with the anxiety that it might not be safe while you're gone. 


1. Trim Trees and Shrubs

There are many things you can do yourself on the outside of your home or office to help deter burglars. Walk around the areas you're worried about and see where a burglar might target.

Keep shrubs and trees well-trimmed so there aren't easy hiding spots where someone could try and break in undetected. If you work in a commercial building, speak to other businesses about using a landscaper to keep things tidy.


2. Fenced In

You might also consider getting a fence to deter a burglar. Contrary to what you might think, a chainlink or metal fence that's ornamental is best at deterring someone from entering your property since they can't go unnoticed as easily.


3. Build Community

A good tip for preventing a robbery is to build the community where you live and work. Get to know your neighbours in the building and talk about the neighbourhood you live and work in. Do others feel safe, and have there been problems in the past? 

Getting to know the people you work around will help prevent a burglary at your business because people will look out for one another and step in if they see something wrong. It can also spur neighbourhood projects like adding more light outside at night and cleaning up around the area.


4. Burglary Prevention System

Getting an actual security system is a great way to deter burglars and stop them in the act should they try and break-in. Working with a professional security system company like Lock & Door Works will help you learn where you may be the most vulnerable and what kind of precautions you should be using. There are likely to be protection tips you wouldn't know about without consulting a company created to protect your business.


5. Lock Up

You should also keep doors and especially windows locked, even when at work in many cases. And keep valuables out of sight, including things like cars or outdoor type things you can store out of the way. Don't leave keys outside your office or building unless they are secure in a lockbox, hidden out of sight. 

There may be things you do to make your life easier that you don't realize make it easier for a burglar as well.


Stay Safe and Protected

Some burglary prevention steps can be done independently, but it's a good idea to work with a professional security company if you want true peace of mind. Whether you need new locks or an alarm system in place, a good company can tell you and help set them up for you. Check out Lock & Door Works for assistance in protecting your place of work. 



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