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How confident are you in your home’s security?


When you become a homeowner, one of your first priorities should be keeping your home safe and free of intruders. Many homes have old or cheap locks that aren’t going to stand a chance during a break-in. So how can you make sure that your home is secure?


Keep reading our article to learn about the best types of door locks for you to keep your home and family safe from intruders.




There are many types of locks that you can get to keep your home secure. While some are more complex, we’ve kept the guide simple to understand. We’ve listed some of the best door locks that you can get from Lock and Door Works Inc. 


Restricted Locks and Keys


Restricted locks and keys are super secure lock systems because they only allow authorized people to make any copies of the key. In the event that someone needs a new key made, they’ll need to reach out to the locksmith who made the original lock and key system.


Supra Lock Boxes


Supra lock boxes are exterior lockboxes that hold the key inside. In order to open one of these boxes, you need to have an app on your phone, which will need to be connected to Bluetooth to open the device. These are especially popular for realtors when showing a home. 


Interlocking Latch Protector


Interlocking latch protectors are used in conjunction with many locks to block any foreign objects from going between the door to the frame. These protective guards deter a lot of break-ins because it prevents intruders from prying the door open with any sort of tool or weapon.




Keyless door locks are becoming more common because of their high level of security and ease of use. Keyless entry systems don’t need a key to unlock the door, which can be a benefit for many people.


FOB Systems


FOB systems aren’t usually used for residential door locks, but they’re popular for commercial use.


These systems can be tailored to who does and doesn’t have access to the building, and when they have access. This system also keeps track of who is coming in and out, so it can help trace back any issues to who caused them.


Pin Pad Locks


Pin pad locks are locks that require the input of a pin number or code in order to unlock the door, although they usually have a keyhole also. Some of these padlocks even have extra safety measures and can automatically lock the door every time you close it.


Unican Mechanical Locks


Unican Mechanical locks are very similar to pin pad locks in that they require a code to unlock the door. These locks don’t have as many numbers to use in a code, and they also don’t have a keyhole as a backup. 


Better to Be Safe Than Sorry


When it comes to the safety and security of your home, you don’t want to take any chances.


Lock and Door Works Inc. has been a dependable source for locks, security systems, and doors in the Edmonton area. Contact Lock and Door Works Inc. to get an estimate for your home’s security needs.




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