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Security blankets aren't for children anymore. You need to blanket your building with tools to keep your business safe.

Thieves break into dozens of businesses in Edmonton every year. Thieves destroy doors and windows and steal thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. But even the simplest measures of commercial building security can stop thieves.

Start protecting your building today. Here are the basics for hiring a commercial locksmith in Edmonton to keep your business safe.



Nearly all thieves break into a business through its doors. You need to protect your front, back, and emergency exit doors.

Install your doors with full-length interlocking and latch protectors. These will prevent thieves from prying your doors open. Install solid metal or wood doors with thick frames. 

Change the locks on your doors on a regular basis. You should change your locks immediately after any break-in. When you fire an employee, ask for their keys and change your locks for added security. 

Keep in mind that keys can be stolen and copied. Keypad access systems are easy to operate, requiring employees to memorize a short 4 or 6-digit code. You can control the keypads by time and location, preventing entrance at night.



Door alarms are a simple solution for security. Door alarms emit a high-pitch sound as soon as someone opens the door. This calls attention to your business and forces the thieves out. 

You can install a system that connects to local authorities. When the alarm activates, a signal is placed to the police. The alarm takes them exactly to where the thief entered, allowing them to take evidence from there. 

Door alarm systems also assist in an emergency. The loud sound encourages customers to leave in the event of a fire. It reminds them of where the exits are, directing them out of the building.



Intercoms allow you to communicate with people coming to your building. If a guest needs to see someone, you can send that person right to the door. They also let you control security. 

You can keep a log of entries, tracking how often a person arrives at your building. Many thieves visit a business before breaking into it, to determine when they should strike. Tracking suspicious guests allows you to know who is casing you. 

You can install a video intercom for added security. The act of having a video intercom in itself discourages thieves from targeting your business. You can hook up your intercom to a CCTV system, letting you monitor all the points around your building. 



Security is every business owner's top priority. You can improve your commercial building security with a few simple measures. 

Install your doors and locks with easy-to-use keypads. Install a door alarm system that triggers when a door is opened at night. Have an intercom system that lets you track who arrives at your building and at what hours. 

Hire a commercial locksmith in Edmonton with experience in office building security. Lock and Door Works, Inc. has been providing security systems since 2000. Contact us today, or call us at 780-220-2455.

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