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Commercial glass doors

Very few business owners and property managers would argue against the importance of a high-quality system for securing commercial buildings. What they may not agree on, though, is how to care for the system once it's installed.

Commercial locks aren't something you can put in place and forget about for years at a time. They require regular maintenance to ensure they remain in optimal condition and can do their jobs.

Want to know more about why a lock maintenance program is so important? Read on for three of the most compelling reasons.


Early Warnings and Quick Repairs

The various commercial door lock types all have unique components, many of which aren't visible to the untrained eye. A lock that seems to be functional when you use it could actually be on the verge of breaking down.


An experienced locksmith knows exactly what to look for when it comes to damaged internal parts. They can give you an early warning when a lock or door is about to fail, allowing you to repair it before you suffer a security breach. This advanced notice also lets you schedule repairs when they're most convenient for your business operations.


Lower Costs and Extended Equipment Lifespans

A well-maintained security system is one of the best ways to prevent external and internal theft. Even so, commercial doors and locks can be quite expensive to replace once they've reached the end of their lifetimes.

This is one of the ways that an ongoing lock maintenance program can help you save money in the long run. Keeping locks cleaned and in good condition can prevent damage and excess wear. When a problem does happen, catching and fixing it early will not only make immediate repairs less costly but can also make your locks and doors last much longer overall.


You Can Build a Relationship With a Locksmith

If something were to go wrong in your building—be it a break-in, lock-out, or equipment failure—would you want to scramble to find a locksmith online that you'd never worked with before? Or would you rather call a team you already know you can trust with your business's security?


Creating an ongoing relationship with a trusted locksmith is one of the best reasons to keep a regular maintenance schedule. This allows them to get familiar with your building's security features, which can minimize downtime in emergencies. It also gives you a chance to approve of their work before time is of the essence.


Maintaining Your Commercial Locks and Doors Is Worth the Investment

Being proactive about commercial door maintenance is the best way to prevent vulnerabilities and break-ins. If you're committed to keeping your employees and your building safe and secure, there's no better time than the present to get in touch with an excellent locksmith and set up a maintenance plan.


Are you looking for a locksmith in Edmonton to care for the commercial locks in a high-rise, industrial, or office building? If so, Lock & Door Works Inc. is the expert to call. Get in touch with us online via our contact form or call us at 780-220-2455 to get your estimate today.


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