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Person using a card to unlock a door

You woke up late. Now you're rushing through breakfast to make up time — only to hit rush hour traffic. You finally get to work. But ... you forgot your key and nobody is in the office to help! Sound familiar?

Maybe your situation was reversed, and you were rushing back to your house or got home late only to find you didn't have the keys to your front, back, or side doors.

If only there was a way to avoid these stories! Well, now, there is. It's time to begin using our quick and safe state of the art keyless entry system.

Don't worry about forgetting your keys to get into work or enter your house again. Keep reading to discover the benefits of keyless entry systems for home and business!


Benefit #1 — Safety at Its Finest

Rest assured, when you purchase a keyless entry system for your home, you are in no way, shape, or form sacrificing safety. As a matter of fact, in some cases, keyless entry systems can actually be a safer alternative.


Just think, without a traditional lock, intruders will no longer have a lock to pick! If you choose to use FOB systems, entry is exclusively limited to only those with the correct FOB. And if you choose to use a push-button system or unican system — you can change the passcode at any time, making it extremely difficult to guess or uncover.


With keyless entry systems, you're safe and protected — from business to home and back again.


Benefit #2 — No More Key Under the Doormat

With keyless entry systems, gone are the days of hiding a key in the planter on the porch or under the doormat.


For instance, do you typically need to hide a key for dog-watchers, plant-waterers, or babysitters when you're out of town? Do you have early-riser shifts that need to head to the office or shop before the rest of the team? No matter your scenario, all authorized guests need only have the appropriate passcode.


Simply distribute your access code to friends and family or employees and clients — and rest easy knowing you don't have to leave a key in an open, unsecured location or, even worse, wake up with the early shift to let everyone in!


Benefit #3 — Strong and Long-Lasting

Typical door locks wear over time. Same with keys!


As a result, you've probably found yourself having to wiggle the key in just the right way in order to hit the door lock at exactly the right angle ... just to get inside your own home or business. It doesn't need to be that difficult.


With keyless entry systems, you won't need to become a master locksmith from Edmonton just to walk through the front door. Instead, you can simply punch in your numbers and enter in seconds.


Plus, if you're using a FOB system and your FOB dies, just replace the battery! No more expensive key remakes required.


Install Your Keyless Entry System in Edmonton Today!

Are you ready for safety at its finest and a stronger, long-lasting lock system? Get started with your very own keyless entry system today and say "goodbye" to hiding spare keys under the rug.


Call us at Lock & Door Works Inc. at 780-220-2455 or contact us online. And purchase a FOB system, push-button system, or unican system today!


We're ready and excited to help you install peace of mind, every time! We hope to speak with you soon.


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