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During 2019 there were 161,291 incidents of breaking and entering in Canada. It's, unfortunately, an all-too-frequent occurrence that must be dealt with immediately to protect against future attempts.

If you've suffered a break-in to your home or business, read on. We'll cover what you need to know about replacement and door repair in Edmonton.


Need a Replacement or Door Repair in Edmonton?

Having your place broken into is sure to jangle your nerves. As soon as you finalize your police report, you need to fortify your entryway against future attempts.

You have two options: repair the doors and locks or replace the doors and locks with new ones.

But how do you know which one is the right option? Here are some factors to consider.


What Was the Strength to Begin With? 

If you had a strong door and a good set of locks, chances are that the break-in attempt was unsuccessful. If the thief gained entry, then the lock, frame, or door was weakened and gave way.

In this scenario, you’ll need your repair or replacement to be stronger than the original. This will allow your home or business to withstand a subsequent attempt.

No matter whether the thief entered or not, after any attempted forced entry, you need to do some break-in door repairs.

If the thief did not gain entry, then you are likely able to perform repairs to restore the damage.


Determine Extent of Damage for Break-in Repair

Your decision to repair or replace should be largely based on which parts of your door were damaged and to what extent.

If it was the lock, then you should upgrade your locks throughout the house. Keep in mind that distortion may occur in the area of the lockset and or hinges whenever there is forced entry. 

On the other hand, if the door frame gave way you can usually repair and strengthen the frame without replacing any parts. If you are in an older building, the door frame might no longer be level and square. You'd be best off to replace both the frame and door in this case. 

Here are the best ways you can reinforce your front door.

Usually, vandals compromise the door's core during their break-in attempt. If this is true for your door, you should immediately replace the door.

Once the core is weak, the integrity is no longer the same. Plus, physical damage to the door may nullify its Fire Rating and prevent the door from performing its proper function. 

When thinking about repairs versus replacement, always consider the Building Code requirements in your area. You do not want to have an illegal door on your hands as that could compromise your insurance claims.


Consult with Your Locksmith in Edmonton

If you are unsure if you need break-in entry door repair or a replacement, your local Edmonton locksmith can help.

At Lock & Door works, our technicians can help you assess the strength of your doors and door hardware. We will recommend the upgrades you will need to increase your security after a break-in.

Call us for a free estimate to discuss your replacement or door repair in Edmonton.


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