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someone's finger is touching the lockpad of a safe

Property owners and developers are always looking for a new way to bring their properties into the modern age. Keyless entry systems are one of the features that have become more popular in recent years. 


Normally, you'd associate a keyless entry system with a hospital or a government facility. Some utilize a keypad for entry, while others have a card. 


But does a keyless door entry system work well with an apartment complex, and what are the different types available?




There are multiple different types of entry systems available for your apartment building. 


A common keyless entry option is FOB systems. They are tailored to grant access to your building. They are simple to use and cost-effective because you do not need to rekey the building when they are lost.


Some other options include the use of keypads to unlock the front door or gate. In that case, everyone needs to know the code to enter the building. Persons in charge of the building should also change the code every so often for security's sake. 


In other cases, tenants have utilized smart locks that work alongside a dedicated app. It lets them know if the door is closed, auto-locks when they leave and can be unlocked automatically when they arrive home. 




If you've ever dealt with tenants losing their keys all the time, you already know how beneficial going without them can be. The best smart locks can bring convenience, security, and affordability to their buildings. They're also part of a quickly growing market.


However, a keyless entry door system won't solve all your problems.


For example, while pin codes save you from using physical keys, your residents could give away access to the building with ease. Even if you regularly update the code, they could always give away the new one again. 


Opting for a FOB or keycard system eliminates the risk of key copies getting made. Your residents can still lose them, though, and the cost to make new ones isn't cheap. 


Smart locks and other keyless entry systems should meet a few requirements if they're fitted onto a multifamily building. 


First, they need customizable permission levels for the landlord, resident, and vendors. Temporary digital keys can save house cleaners or dog walkers a lot of trouble when they need to visit.


Your keyless entry system also needs to have a good fire code rating. If it malfunctions when exposed to high heat, then that creates a safety issue. 




Millennials love smart devices, whether they're smart lights or AI butlers. If they can automate something, then why not?


The same goes for smart apartments. It's satisfying to have your building unlock with a tap of a FOB.


Lock & Door Works offers lock repairs and replacements to keep your property safe. If you're interested in trying out a keyless entry system for your building, contact us today and we'll get you hooked up. 


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